Waxing Treatments

Waxing Treatment in Poole

I use “Perron Regot” hot wax, this is the highest quality, specially formulated for sensitive areas, such as intimate areas, under-arms & facial waxing, especially suited to short/tough hairs. This wax “shrink wraps” and “grips” the hairs, not sticking to skin, this is kinder to your skin!

Get the better results-prior to your waxing by:-

Exfoliating or Dry Body Brushing-weekly..this helps prevent “in-growing hairs” and gives the skin a better appearance, oil or moisturise skin after exfoliating.

I was trained by Kim Lawless other wise known as “the wax queen!”for her personally designed technique in intimate/Brazilian/Hollywood waxing, only using Perron Rigot non-strip hot wax.

With bikini/Brazilian / Hollywood waxing it is recommended the length of hair is about 1 to 1 1/2cm long, I recommend trim hair if long (long hair will pull and be very uncomfortable) I will trim hair if too long.

Under-wear is removed for intimate waxing, wax would only get stuck to knickers if kept on. I provide wipes for freshening up if required, although please try to arrive fresh for intimate waxing as this saves us both any embarrassment.


What is “Hollywood Waxing”?

A Hollywood wax is ALL the hair removed from around the pubic area. ( Front, underneath & back! )

What is “Brazilian Waxing”?

A Brazilian wax leaves a strip of hair on the pubic mound area but ALL other hair on the pubic area, front, underneath & back is removed. (A Brazilian landing strip!)

After wax care advice:-

Facial waxing-: avoid make-up for a few hours

Body:- wear loose, comfortable clothing

Avoid:- hot baths/showers

Chlorinated pools/hot tubs

Sun bathing/fake tan/sun beds

Products to skin ie:-soap,deodorant

Avoid massage treatments/sauna/steam for 12-24hrs

Savlon & Bepanthan (nappy rash cream) can ease sensitive skin after waxing.